AHÂ-MEN-PTAH: The Empire of the Islands (Part One)


Milseon’s ambition to create his own empire at the other side of the world threatens the integrity of the millenary and powerful Ahâ-Men-Ptah. However, Firdonio, suspecting his real intentions, is alert trying to avoid it while he finds the necessary proof to unmask Milseon before the emperor that is still trusting in his loyalty and in the loyalty of some kings which don’t seem to care about the future of the empire or of their gods.

When Milseon realises the only obstacle to achieve his longed-for independence is Firdonio’s tenacity, he won’t hesitate to do everything he can to kill him, accuse one of his sons of trying to kill the emperor or instigating riots in the colonies the Islands have all around the world and to blame him before the emperor and the other kings.

Finally he succeeds in convincing the other kings that Firdonio is guilty of all the misfortunes of the empire and that they have to declare war on him. So, Firdonio and his family will be embroiled in all kind of difficult situations while they try to find the evidence to prove their innocence before the armies of Ahâ-Men-Ptah march against them.

But the Empire of the Islands is not a mere recreation of the Atlantis following accurately Plato’s descriptions. Some of the mysteries of the Antiquity that the most orthodox historians don’t want to accept are reflected in this novel: aircraft that work with gas, use of electricity and powder, powerful mentals, rejuvenation ceremonies beside the pyramids, air battles, impossible technologies… All those things some impossible discoveries and myths make us dream about, have been recreated in this historical fiction by someone convinced that History is not as simple as we have been made believe.

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