J. G. Gonzalez. Spain (1981). The psychoanalyst and psychologist presents us this imposing universe in an original and refreshing, epic fantasy novel.
In the most fearsome race of all Neria, the Eniars devote to the hunting of dragons. However, the nature of Piro makes him disobey the ancient traditions of his clan suffering the consequences of these people with strong beliefs. Accompanied by Daiel, the dragon he denied to kill, Piro embarks on a great adventure full of surprises and experiences he could never have imagined. At the same time, this journey will also be a path of reconciliation and wisdom since most of the roadmap we mark in life often deviates taking us to shores never dreamed-of.
Extraordinary creatures, friends, battles, betrayals and beings of unparalleled power will reveal to him that schemes far greater than his insignificant life threaten the existence of the known world.
Poetry, magic, fantasy, power and truth combine in The Sand Walker through a deeply imaginative experience.
The Eniars must be summoned again, the Nandils will make the earth creak, the dwarves must forge new weapons, and the spirits of the forest will illuminate the darkness. “My name is Namir and I am known as the sand walker. My age is the same as that of the land where my tracks are left and many come to me for advice.” Now there comes the time to revisit the regions of Neria in search of courageous allies and prepare their peoples to defend THEIR FREEDOM.

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